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Here are just some of the feedback that we have received from guests who attended the Celebrate Palestine Festival.
A message from the artists DAM who performed on Saturday night
"Shukran, we really enjoyed it.
See u next year ;)"

"Hi Celebrate Palestine,
Thank you for organising the event, really enjoyed it.
I went to the dabke and workshop and also the music on Sunday night... and
yes also ate the food :)
Well done to the whole team, salaam."

Alia ebrahim, SOAS student
"The event was REALLY LOVELY & TOUCHING!!!  It's nice to know that some people really care about Palestine and what's really going on and inshallah the whole world can also know"

Deejay Steaz
"The Celebrate Palestine Festival 18th-20th March 2011 at the weekend was amazing in its diversity of events and also the unity and strength that it presented.
"it's like we have nothing but we have love and each other, talent and creativity and when we come together amazing things can happen, people power" (Sara Mahassen) 
Nuff love and respect for all those involved, attending, contributing etc.. whether with a smile of happiness and solidarity, or hours of emailing and dedication. We need to build more things like this, for many things..
Finally...Yes, FREE PALESTINE.. but it is truly the Palestinian people and their strength who ARE the ones freeing us!! and for that I give thanks of the greatest meaning ♥ and loudly voice my belief in the equality of all our sisters and brothers across the world.
1 ♥, peace and respect to all."

Emad AlQasim
"Hi Ozlem

it was great to see u , amazing job the u did guys
Thank u for this great organising for this lovely celebrating

best wishes"

Huma Rahman
"The event was the best weekend I have had in a good year+, filled my heart to feel so much love and meet such wonderful people. The entertainment and talent was amazing. What was humbling was the reality and feeling from all. Great thanks with humbling respect and sincerity to those who spent their funds, time and had the courage, inspiration and motivation to do this. You did it; it rocked : )), jazakallah khair, Hx"

Anja Krausova
"it was such a great weekend, glad I could help, you guys did an amazing job! xx"

Souss Mc
"big up this group! nuff respect for all y'aall"

A message from the artist Stormtrap Asifeh who performed on Saturday night

"had a great time at the Voices of Resistance event last night, thanks to all the artists, organizers, and everyone who came and showed support!!" "I haven't had such a great weekend in a long time! It was an amazing festival, very inspiring to see so many people interested and involved. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen, and I really hope to experience this again soon!! Peace & Respect"

Shahad Farawl
"AMAZING festival ...peace and love to all involved!! We should organise more events soon!! xx"

Lubaba Tikrity
"Celebrate Palestine festival was such a lovely day - thank you for organising such
an amazing event. The program was great - Lowkey, Al Zaytouna, Emilie (beautiful),
and the kids entertainment was great - Alia (storytelling - wish I had her
patience!), face-painting and lots more. Palestine is such a beautiful culture -
long live Palestine!

If you need anything, please let me know - always happy to help the wonderful
Palestinian people x"

"Dear Mehdi,

Thanks for the lovely email. I totally loved the Festival – it had such a great mood to it! I was so impressed and struck by all the careful work that had gone into arranging and planning it, so that it brought a great spirit to the sensibility of the Festival: strong, inclusive, happy and principled. Amazing combination! This is one of the most difficult things to achieve, so please let everyone know... and all your friends involved, how hugely it was appreciated, and how remarkable it was."

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