Penelope and 25 Thousand Tents
By Samer Salameh
Two short films about Al‐tanf camp. The first is his short video art piece called Penelope the second called 25 Thousand tents, Salameh made with Alaa Alsaadi.

The land speaks Arabic
The Land Speaks Arabic
By Maryse Gargour,
presented and followed by a Q&A by film contributor Prof. Nur Masalha.

Nur Masalha is a Palestinian historian and currently Professor of Religion and Politics and Director of the Centre for Religion and History and the Holy Land Research Project at St Mary's University College (University of Surrey) and acclaimed author whose books include 'The Politics of Denial: Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Problem'.

The Land Speaks Arabic is an award-winning film which shines a spotlight on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Zionist movement. This documentary explores the late 19th century birth of Zionism and its repercussions for Palestinians detailed with original source documents, Zionist leaders' quotations, rare archival footage, testimonies of witnesses and interviews with historians. These documents help illustrate that the expulsion of the indigenous Arab population from Palestine was far from an accidental result of the 1948 war.
Not In Our Name
By Gabrielle Tierney,
followed by a discussion with Chris of the Smash EDO Campaign

On the 12th August 2006, during the Israeli military campaign against Lebanon, 9 men stormed an arms factory in Derry, Northern Ireland. They caused an estimated £350,000 worth of damage and were arrested. They denied nothing, yet the jury acquitted them of all charges. "Not in Our Name" inspiring true story of resistance in times of peace and war. Risking imprisonment yet motivated by justice, this is a story of nine men who took the law into their own hands to fight for a greater good.

Featuring interviews from Tony Benn and comedian and writer Mark Steel, this is a moving yet uplifting account of a struggle across continents. The film captures the landmark trial that said that resisting war crimes is not a crime. The arms trade is a deplorable, unethical industry which operates in their city, but not in their name.

Chris is an active member of Smash EDO, an inspiring campaign led by residents in Brighton against the EDO arms company which manufactures weapons used by Israel in bombing campaigns, including Operation Cast Lead in which 1417 Palestinians in Gaza were killed.
  Not in our name

To my father

To My Father 
By Abdelsalem Shehadeh

"Those were the days when girls were prettier, when eyes were in all colours, without any colour! What's different now? The camera, or the eyes?" asks Abdelsalam Shehadeh in this poetic homage to the studio photographers of the 1950's to 70's. Set partly in a refugee camp in Rafah, this is a remarkable look back at fifty years of Palestinian and Arab history, through photographs, reportage and the voices of these photographers today.

The portrait image has always been something to cherish, but Shehadeh shows that it has also been turned into a tool of control and object of fear through ID systems, and, of course, into a form of commemorating and remembering the missing and the dead. To My Father is a personal and moving film that confirms the talent of Gazaborn director Shehadeh (Gaza, Another Kind of Tears, Rainbow), who has worked all over the world as a director, cameraman and journalist. A photo here is not just a photo: it brings history to life.
Shadow of Absence
By Nasri Hajjaj

This absorbing documentary explores the anxiety of Palestinian exile through an interrogation of relationships between place, home, and death. Bringing together fascinating footage, interviews, and testimonies from Palestinian families and comrades whose loved ones and friends have died and been buried in exile, director Hajjaj spans the globe, bringing extraordinary personal stories together from Vietnam to London.

Each story is unique, personal, and often surprising. Together these portraits of Palestinians and their resting places are about life not death.
A life experienced in exile, in revolution, in flight, and in every corner of our world. Along with many others, the film tells the resonant stories of the burials of legendary Palestinian exiles including Naji el Ali, Edward Said, and Ibrahim Abu Lughod.
  Shadow of Absence

My simple story  
My Simple Story

Award winning children's film by Al Jazeera's Children Channel which describes the hunt for a donkey in Occupied Palestine, and a young boy’s journey with the errant beast through the city of Haifa. The film highlights the plight of Palestinians, and their struggle for survival.

Al Nakba

AL Nakba is a documentary directed by Rawan al Damen and produced by Al Jazeera Satellite TV.
In this award winning documentary, Rawan al Damen carries out an investigation with the help of fifty interviewees all of whom are Palestinians from different cities and villages. The film traces the roots of the Palestinian Nakba, or "catastrophe", when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expulsed from their land and their homes for the creation of the zionist state of Israel. The film also uncovers some previously unseen archival footage. and presenting archive that is shown on TV for the first time.


  Al nakba

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