The workshops explored different aspects of Palestinian existence, resistance and culture through interactive activities led by Palestinian artists in collaboration with UK-based artists. The workshops are structured in such a way as to provide interaction and accessibility for all ages and are being developed with the artists. Certain workshops were tailored specifically for children.
Dabke workshop

Led by Al Zaytouna, a London-based Palestinian led theatre and dance collective. Dabke is the traditional Palestinian folk dance, symbolising Palestinian culture and identity. Passed from generation to generation, dabke is performed with pride and as a sign of perseverance in the face of the occupation. The workshop will teach dabke to participants.

  Dabke workshop
Kite workshop  

Kites have long been used across the occupied West Bank and Gaza as a form of political resistance and expression of Palestinian identity. Flying the Palestinian flag was illegal before the Oslo accords, so using kites decorated as the flag was both provocative and empowering. Today the children of Gaza maintain this tradition of kite flying as a form of self-expression and a symbol of their desire for freedom. They have set and broken their own world record for flying thousands of kites on Gaza Beach. Come and learn how these kites are made and fly your own kite in solidarity with the children of Gaza.
Circus (9-16 years)

A theater based workshop with elements of clowning run by energetic members of Circus 2 Iraq who have done similar workshops with children in Palestine and in Iraq.

  Circus workshop

Lyrics workshop  

Led by hip hop artists from Palestine and the UK, The lyric workshop will focus on the question of life under occupation and the role of hip hop in the expression of the resistance. It will also provide a platform for sharing experiences and stories, encouraging people from London to engage with Palestinians and the reality of Palestine, and express their thoughts creatively. It will include a session on beat production.

Two Revolutionary Voices of Egypt

The songs of Sheikh Imam of Cairo [1918-95] and the poet Ahmed Fuad Negm [b.1929] were at the heart of last month's Egyptian uprising. Ed Emery [Ethnomusicology, SOAS] will introduce the "Sheikh Imam Song Book" that he is preparing. With edited song sheets, translations, video clips and sound recordings.

  Sheik imam workshop
Storntrap Workshop  
History of Palestinian Hip Hop

Rapper Stormtrap, former member of Palestinian hip hop band Ramallah Underground will take participants through the history of how hip hop started in Palestine and how it became what it is today, a powerful voice of resistance for Palestine's youth.


Workshop led by acclaimed Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziadah.

  Poetrt Workshop
Story telling workshop  

This workshop will be run by Alia Alzougbi.
Alia is a master storyteller from Lebanon with a strong affinity to Palestine. She has been awarded the Best Storyteller Award for 2011 by the Fringe Report and was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland in 2008 for Best Performance in Film. In this workshop for children, Alia will cherry pick some folktales from Palestine and explore their content through games and discussion based on the principles of Philosophy for Children.

The Poetry of Revolt:
Slogans of the Egyptian Revolution

A workshop led by Karim Fawzi and Ahmed, egyptian activists in London.
This workshop will be an opportunity to learn some of the chants of the Egyptian Revolution. Activists will teach the audience the slogans in arabic and their translations. This, along clips from Tahrir Square and demonstrations in London will convey the spirit of resilience but also the humour of the protesters. A jamm session and discussion will follow.
This workshop, alongside the sunday workshop on Sheikh Imam and Ahmed Fouad Najm will give a sense of the role of humour and improvisation in dissidence and protest in Egypt.


This workshop will be run by the SOAS football Beyond Borders squad. The football team has been organising tours around Syria, Lebanon and Turkey and also West Africa, using football as a way to transcend cultural boundaries and promote a human level of interaction independent of governmental and bureaucratic organisations. This september 2011 the team will travel to Egypt, Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan linking up and playing with local universities, communities and relief organisations.
During this workshop, which was open to all ages, they organised sessions of penalty shoot outs where a prize was given for the most goals scored!

Naji Al-Ali: cartoons for the people

Run by Naira Antoun, activist and youth worker
Handala, a cartoon character, a young barefoot boy whose face we never see, has become one of the most powerful  symbols for the Palestinians, encapsulating both what they have been through and their hopes for the future. Naji Al-Ali, Handala’s creator and a political cartoonist, was a Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon and came to be hugely popular across the Arab world. Twenty years after his assassination his work is as loved as ever. Naji Al-Ali’s cartoons criticised the Israelis, and the hypocrisy of Arab and Western regimes. In this workshop we will explore Naji Al-Ali’s work and Palestinian symbolism by looking at some of his key cartoons and drawing our own. Suitable for all ages.
  Cartoon workshop

Arabic calligraphy workshop

Arabic calligraphy

By Sameh Alhabbash
Sameh was born in Iraq in December 1976 then moved to Libya with the family in 1977. He started calligraphy at the age of 14 in 1992 when he was in high school in Yemen. He was schooled by one of the most known calligrapher in the capital Sana. He participated in many of my school events especially the ones that related to Palestine. He then moved to Gaza strip 1994, where he made a workshop with art students in Al-azhar university in Gaza city. In the summer of 1995 he held an exhibition in the French Cultural Centre. He moved to Morocco in September 1995 to study architecture. He then moved to France in 1997 to study art and made a series of workshops with French art students from 1998 to 2004 one of which was in the Islamic centre in Paris.
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